Our Mission & Vision

Our Pure Planet's mission is to allow people to make a positive impact without changing their behaviors. We do this by ensuring all of our product not only have no negative environment footprint, but help clean and repair the planet. We envisage a future in the electronics world where the products that are brought to market are of high quality, technology and help clean and repair the planet for a happy customer and a happy planet!

We do this through a few key ways

Regenerative packaging

FSC™ forests are managed with consideration towards the environment, guaranteeing that harvested trees will be replaced and regenerated naturally. Certified FSC™ forests have earned their reputation for environmental credibility, protection, healthy forestry, social engagement and the prevention of illegal forestation. That’s why we only use FSC™ materials in our packaging to ensure
our packaging is helping protect the environment and leave no footprint.

Plastic Impact

In just one year 396 million metric tonnes of plastic was consumed globally.  That’s an average of 53 kilograms for every person on this earth! Our Pure Planet targets and reduces plastic impact in two ways

Plastic regenerative collection: We partner with the Plastic Collective to work with communities, who are often forgotten by the rest of the world, as they struggle to hold back the tide of plastic waste engulfing their environment. We provide education programs that encourage plastic to be seen as a valuable recyclable resource and not rubbish. Our Pure Planet ensures we collect twice as much plastic as we use to help protect our oceans. This means if we use 1kg in the manufacturing of our products we remove 2kgs from entering the ocean.

Creating a circular economy: Our Pure Planet has been working for years on creating a circular economy. This means we will collect and recycle plastic to use in our products, ensuring we are not producing any plastic at all! We have found a way to use recycled plastic and maintain the highest product quality to ensure we can deliver amazing products for our customers and be the first electronics company that is operating in a circular economy. By doing this Our Pure Planet is helping repair our planet and clean our oceans.

Our Pure Planet is the only company in the world who has no plastic impact and cleans up the planet with every product sold

Carbon Neutral

Our Pure Planet is not just carbon neutral for our products, but our entire organisation is! We look at the carbon from raw material sourcing, production, shipping, warehousing, delivery, as well as all our head office operations. Doing this ensure that we leave no footprint at all! We partner with the Carbon Reduction Institute. The Carbon Reduction Institute’s NoCO2 Certification is the most recognised carbon environmental accreditation.


In order for any Our Pure Planet to manage the impact of its greenhouse gas emissions, we first must be measured. The Carbon Reduction Institute does this by conducting a comprehensive emissions’ audit adapted from the Greenhouse
Gas Accounting Protocol of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The all-inclusive auditing process also includes a life cycle
assessment, a ‘cradle to grave’ calculation of the greenhouse gas impact of an Our Pure Planet product.

Our Pure Planet helps fund renewable energy projects (including wind, solar, geothermal, landfill gas capture, biomass and hydro generation). We choose this as planting trees (like other companies) presents a risk for emissions to be
reversed back into the atmosphere.